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Health check-up of the pregnant mother

Health check-up

Regular health check-ups of the mother during pregnancy are essential. If any complication is caught, it can be treated in time so that both the mother and the baby can be healthy and normal. It also reduces the child’s chances of physical and mental disability. In standard cases, the health examination of the pregnant woman should be done every three months.

Here are some common health tips that doctors recommend to pregnant mothers:

1st-trimester health check-up (12 weeks after conception)

1. Urine test: is done to determine pregnancy.

2. Regular blood tests: blood group tests, hemoglobin, hepatitis virus, sexually transmitted infections, and diabetes tests.

3. Ultrasonogram to determine the fetus’s health, number, and weights.

2nd-trimester health check-up (13 weeks – 26 weeks)

1. Ultrasonography examination:

 i) Physical examination of the fetus.

 ii) Normalization of the placenta and amniotic fluid.

 iii) Fetus heart test (18-20 weeks).

3rd-trimester health check-up (29 weeks-40 weeks)

1. Ultrasonography examination: an examination of fetal fitness, age, weight, position, placenta position, and amount of amniotic fluid.

2. Weight test In the last three months, the weight will increase by 11 kg.

Schedule to go to the doctor

It is essential to go to the doctor regularly during pregnancy. The physician prescribes various tests – pregnancy advice –

1. 1st stage visit: within two months of monthly closure.

2. 2nd stage visit: 1 time per month, up to 8th month.

3. 3rd stage visit: 2 times per month, from 7th to 9th month.

4. 4th stage visit: 1 per week, from 9th month till birth.

Note that: if the pregnant woman has any problem, it is necessary to see a doctor as per the need or as per the doctor’s advice.

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