About us

BabyCare AtoZ is a baby care site that shares and explains practical tips and tricks, and organizes events for babies’ health and cognitive development. A Non-profit Organization (Since 2020)

Our Goal is dedicated to raising parents’ awareness about safe child care worldwide, ensuring children grow up healthy and well. Our primary focuses are:

  1. Raising awareness among parents about the safe care of children.
  2. Providing health awareness ideas to pregnant mothers.
  3. Informing parents about preventing malnutrition and premature death in newborns.
  4. Highlighting the importance of treating children well.
  5. Educating parents on various materials that help safeguard children.
  6. Promoting the development of babies’ intellectual knowledge and skills.


Mustafijur Rahman

Founder & COO

Thank you for visiting our site. BabyCare AtoZ is committed to helping babies and mothers by sharing effective tips and tricks, and by organizing various events and campaigns focused on babies' health and cognitive development. Stay with us and share this site with your friends and family.