About us

BabyCare AtoZ is a baby healthcare-related site. It started its journey in 2020. BabyCare AtoZ shares and explains practical baby care tips & tricks in this. So that, Babies can stay safe and healthy.

Our Goal raises parents’ awareness about safe care for children worldwide so that children can grow up beautiful and healthy.
Our primary focus is-
1. Raise awareness among parents about the safe care of children.
2. Giving ideas about health awareness to pregnant mothers.

3. To make parents aware of the goal of stopping malnutrition and premature death of newborns.
4. Making parents aware of the importance of treating children well.
5. Inform parents about the various materials that help safeguard children.


Mustafijur Rahman

Founder & CEO

I am Mustafij, a Digital Marketer, Founder & C.E.O. at BabyCare AtoZ. I have vast experience in all the main aspects of SEO & web development. I believe in my dreams and will true my Dreams (InshaAllah).