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What to do if the child does not want to eat?

child does not want to eat

Nowadays, the main complaint of mothers against children is that child does not want to eat. And there is no end to mothers’ worries about eating less baby. This tendency to eat less is especially seen in two- to three-year-old children.

Here are some things to keep in mind if the child does not want to eat:

1. The age of the child and the need for food

What are the age of the baby, the need for food, and his physical constitution? Baby age should adjust the amount of baby food.

2. Taste of food

Cook the baby’s favorite food. If you want to force-feed a particular food daily, the child becomes reluctant to eat. So cook in a new way every day.

3. Follow the routine

Depending on the child’s age, the time of getting hungry also varies. Make it a habit to feed your baby according to the rules or schedule. What are you providing? The more significant thing is when you are feeding.

4. Food breaks

Feed the baby at intervals so his stomach can digest the food better. Generally, 2-3-year-old children should be fed with a 2-3 hour break. This way, when you are 3-4 years old, give a gap of 3-4 hours.

5. Not unnecessarily strong

Never try to force-feed the baby. Once forced to feed, the child will be scared whenever you want to provide. Loss of interest in food and will not want to eat.

6. Outside food

Try to eat less outside food. It’s not that you don’t give out food at all. When going out with adults, eat healthy outside food. However, to keep the baby’s insistence, do not bring outside food for the baby every day.

7. T.V. or mobile while eating

Children who watch cartoons on T.V. or mobile while eating will get used to it and will not want to eat without it later. It is not healthy for a child to watch T.V. too often. This increases the risk of indigestion in the baby.

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