What Is Yoga?

Surya Namaskaram
Written by Aisha Sathik
Yoga is an austere discipline which includes breath control, meditation, and specific physical postures, to accomplish health and relaxation. Postures in yoga help to maintain a good physical health and mental health. Yoga is a journey of theory and practice, attention and practical discipline is important to engage yoga accurately and magnificently.

Yoga is an ancient art which harmonize body’s system for mind, body and spiritual development. Practicing yoga in regular basis leads to peace and well-being.

Yoga makes our body strong and flexible, improves our health, functionality of respiratory system, circulatory system and digestive system.

Yoga brings emotional stability and clarity to our mind and helps in self-development and self-realization.

Yoga takes control over the body mechanics and the chances of illness reduces.

Yoga helps to know yourself, your body and to have a peace in you. In the journey of yoga, your life starts to flow with enormous freshness and clarity in the mental health. Your mind will be more creative and expansive; you will gain the capacity to explore yourself and freedom from stress and confusion around you. Your body and mind continues to function perfect with positive thoughts. Yoga helps you to get away from painful and negative thoughts from your mind like anxiety, anger and fear.

Benefits of Yoga
There are no side effects in yoga and it’s with lots of benefits like improvement in your attentiveness, self-analysis, stability, intellectual function, self-actualization, positive approach, self-acceptance, health, learning efficiency and many more.

In the up coming articles we will cover each benefits of yoga and type of yoga from the experts…

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