What Is Pranic Healing And How Does It Work?

Pranic healing
Written by Aisha Sathik
Pranic healing is a classification of complementary therapy practiced by ancient people to heal the illnesses in the body using “Prana” the life energy. Ancients practiced similar modes of healing to heal themselves but Pranic healing is systematically and scientifically developed by “Grand Master Choa Kok Sui“, he taught it globally and revealed its advantage to the world.

Prana could be explained as an invisible “bio-energy” which helps to maintain a good healthy body and mind. It is used to cure the sickness, improve the energy and stamina, relieve from stress and gives a peace of mind, could help to create a strong and healthy relationship by a positive energy.

Pranic healing is very simple, powerful and an effective complementary therapy to balance and transform the energy without any physical contact.

Pranic healing works on the bioplasmic energy body called aura, a blue print that backgrounds and interpenetrates the corporeal body, it absorbs life energy and distributes to the whole body. Energy transformation to the aura affects the emotions, relationship, finance and the capability to handle stress.

Levels of Pranic healing

The various levels or techniques practiced in Pranic healing are

Basic Pranic Healing – It is the simple and basic level of Pranic healing used to cure the simple physical ailments in our body. No equipment is used in this level of Pranic healing and no physical contact is required.

Advanced Pranic Healing – Healer uses color pranas and focused techniques to cure severe chronic ailments with more effective results and it shortens the healing time by creating focused effect on energy field and chakras.

Pranic Psychotherapy – Psychological ailments like stress, depression could be reduced.

Pranic Crystal Healing – Specialized properties of crystal is used to heal the ailments in the physical body.

In the upcoming articles we will cover all the levels in details…

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