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What Everybody Ought to Know About Dental care for Kids

Dental care for Kids
A child is one of nature’s most beautiful creations. The child is not just a miniature of adult but is also a dynamic creation undergoing constant mental, physical and emotional changes.

Dental care for Kids

With the changing trends and development there has been tremendous increase in professional and public recognition of dental health for the general well-being of the child. This indicates increased knowledge in public regarding child dental health care.

Here I have a privilege to give you a lifetime of optimal oral health care for children from birth through adolescence. And any little part this could play in helping you better understand your child’s oral development would have served my purpose.

Through this series of articles, I would like to broadly cover the following subjects
1. Understanding about the development of dentition
2. Overall dental health of a child
3. Knowing the common dental problems and its causes
4. Prevention and cure of dental problems

About the author

Dr. Shreen Fatima

The writer is a practising dentist who has a passion for kids dental health and who herself enjoys dealing with kids. Being herself a mother of a kid wants to share her knowledge on dental health care for the benefit of the child's well-being.