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The Dummies’ Guide to Baby Growth and Development Stages – Toddler

Baby Growth Toddler
Written by Aisha Sathik
Toddlers are tuff stuff, if we are tuff with them; our younger ones are the followers of our actions, always try to be careful in what you are talking, how you are responding with them.

The great poet “Thiruvalluvar” said that

Men will call their sons their wealth, because it flows to them through the deeds which they (sons) perform on their behalf.
Here, let’s have an overview with our toddler’s behavioral and emotional development, physical development and their health.

I assure that making children to respond us is quiet difficult, but it’s possible if we try this. We must ask our younger ones to arrange room, toys to make them respond to us and obey what we are telling to them, if we don’t do this on daily basis, we may drop control over our children and they will become disobedient to us, insist once or twice, if it continues go near them and ask to do by sitting in front of them, that makes them to respond to your instruction. Involve kids in activities like playing with ball, ask them to take small things to help you, to avoid obesity in kids, it may be cute to look your toddler a little plump but it could be dangerous in their younger age, so do not allow them watch TV, play indoor games for a long while, make them to play a lot of outdoor games whatever they are interested to play.

Food to your toddler

We know that food is the most important part of our healthy life but children not aware of it, it’s our duty to teach them have nutritious food and keep them healthy, nutritious food to toddlers, actually it’s a difficult task to every mom and very hard to children, almost all of them is fussy eaters we should convince them to have food. Toddlers need more energy because they will be running a lot, playing with their friends, for all these activities they need rich protein, vitamins and carbohydrates. Add grains like whole grains in their diet, it may be wheat bread, roti, rice or a cup of cereal. Include vitamins by giving fruits and vegetables, add at least any one vegetable and one fruit regularly and for protein, we can give them yogurt, sea foods, boiled egg and cooked meat, always include milk in their diet. We can also give them some supplements in daily basis to fulfill their nutritional needs.

Statistics reports that, child obesity risks are increased from 9% to 36% due to the consumption of processed food and drinks. It affects the normal growth and development in our children and also depletes the intake of calcium, magnesium and vitamins like vitamin A & C, increases the intake of high carbohydrate, fat and calories. Instead of giving aerated drinks and canned juices to our younger ones we can prepare fresh juices and chemical format of supplements it’s better to give them organic food supplements.

Toddlers are capable of talking around 200 words and more, but they can’t do it themselves we shall encourage them to talk, by talking with them, assist to talk by seeing mirror, repeat the words and describe the meaning helps to remember it and try to continue your conversation by talking more related to the new word. Play by instructing to do some task like pick the ball, take the disc and so on will be helpful for them to recall the words.

Toddlers are like treasure, we can take what we want but we should be with persistence and gracious to get what we need from them.

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was a software professional, a full-time mom of 5 years old boy and an aspiring author in BabyCareAtoZ.