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The Dummies’ Guide to Baby Growth and Development Stages – Preschooler

Written by Aisha Sathik
Preschoolers are more cute and energetic. They will be talkative, friendly, lovable, share their love to you, care for you, plays a lot with other children, finds new friends, willing to move around and you should be prepared for all these to guide them.

The prodigious poet “Thiruvalluvar” said

Among all the benefits that may be acquired, we know no greater benefit than the acquisition of intelligent children.
Now you will be experiencing what Thiruvalluvar believed about children and enjoy the blissful moments with your children.

Language and communication skills

Younger ones are now capable of talking in sentences composed of 5 – 6 words and we should help them to improve their communication skill by talking with them in grown up language, sentences and words. Children will be eager to read books and they need your help to tell them stories, continue reading books to them. Take them to the nearby library and make them lend books, take them to the book stores and gift books.

You loved ones could be able to recall the part of the stories you are narrating to them and that helps them to improve their communication skills. Take your children with you to your friend’s house and make them to enjoy and play with other children that help to have a better social communication, they are capable of understand and speak clearly to strangers. They can copy the capital letters, know some basic grammar and have the ability to understand the differences.

Developments in Preschooler

They would like to discover the things around them and that helps to their personality development and problem solving skills. Children can name and identify the colours, willing to play with other children, able to ride a tricycle. Preschoolers can be able use safety scissors and helps you to dress and undress them. They can identify and notice the difference between boys and girls, shows affection to others, sings songs.

Use little ones can draw simple shapes like circle and squares, a person with 2 – 4 body parts. They would like to stand on one foot and can hold it for up to 5 seconds, climbs up and down the stairs without your guidance. They can catch, throw and kick the ball, follows the commands, counts a few numbers and always engages in fantasy play.

Handling Preschoolers

Encourage your Preschooler to play with other children and make them learn friendship and sharing through sharing their toys and snacks with other children. Let your loved one to help you by doing some small help in your daily activities at home and also you can make them respond and listen to you.

Always be clear and consistent in disciplining your children, don’t change your thoughts frequently about the same issues you child discuss with you, it may confuse them. Explain about the behaviour you are expecting from them and express that to your children. If you say no to their obligation, tell them what they should do instead of that, this helps to solve their problems and improve their problem solving ability.

Give limited choice to them, which helps to sort out easily and can identify and be clear with their needs. Don’t allow your children to watch television for a long period, make them to spend 1 – 2 hours of quality program. Give them their age appropriate toys and play equipment and also let them choose their requirements.

Food to your Preschooler

Your children are in need of more nutritious food for their high energetic activities. Feed them with lots of fruits and vegetables preferably boiled vegetables rather than fried stuffs to avoid obesity in children. Give them whole grains based food like bread from whole grains, organic snacks, meals and a very limited amount of beverages and food which includes added sugar and solid fats or salt.

Safety measures

Your Preschooler would always intend to stay outside the home, loves to play with friends and go along with their friends, we must teach them to stay safe when they are in and outside the home. Teach them to stay out of traffic, careful while crossing the road whether it is a busy road or not, do not run on streets.

Make sure to stay out of sharp edges, loose parts at outdoor games which could hurt them and may cause serious injuries. They may hurt themselves by using scissors, induce them to use only safety scissors and do not touch anything other than that.

Ensure that they are safe in pools, bath tub and while playing in water at public pools. Teach them to be careful with strangers and how to handle in case of issues.

Spend your valuable time with your children to relish the heavenly minutes of your life.

How about share your own experience with your preschooler? 🙂

About the author

Aisha Sathik

was a software professional, a full-time mom of 5 years old boy and an aspiring author in BabyCareAtoZ.