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The Dummies’ Guide to Baby Growth and Development Stages – Crawler

Written by Aisha Sathik
Are you thinking about your fitness and get back into a healthy shape? Here is your personal trainer, your young little and cute crawler. Now you should be ready to lie on floor, run to keep the hazardous things away from your baby and keep on watching them.

Physical Development

Now your baby can sit without any support, tries to reach the object that attracts him and can handle objects very well. Just lie down on the floor and let your baby crawl over you, place his favourite toys on the floor and make him to crawl towards the toys. In this stage your baby will love to play with water, sand and anything like that they pour and enjoy with. He will be able to use his index finger to push objects and can identify colours, place different colour of toys in front of them to make them crawl by using both legs and arms. Some babies use their stomach to move and may use their legs and start to pull up, use cushions or pillows to crawl. Some babies may skip this stage and attempts to stand and some may have sleep issues.

Babies loves music, introduce them with musical toys and small musical instruments and books with sounds of animals and songs. Now your baby would have started solid foods and they will be in the form of mashed fruits, vegetables, rice and cereals. Your baby would have gained a weight around 2 – 3 pounds.

Baby Proof your house

You should be more careful with the things around your baby, now your baby started to move and knows to grab things, it’s a good development in your baby’s growth and also your baby is not aware of dangerous things around him. He may move into kitchen and try to reach a knife or fork that may hurt, so keep the sharp items away from him and it will be better if it’s locked. Keep the cylinders closed and out of reach.

Don’t leave your baby alone in the bath tub, he may enjoy with water and curios to explore things around him that tends him to come out of tub, baby’s foot are very soft and slippery, they have a high chance of slipping down when they are wet and soapy. Now your baby would have started to pull him up and could crawl towards the steps and tries to climb up without your assistance, use “stair gates or safety gates” near the steps.

Get “bed guards” for his bed so that he can’t fell down when you are not there to assist him, use finger safe and window lock to avoid hurting with doors and windows. Use “Corner cushions” to protect your baby from hitting in the corners.

Separation Anxiety and Stranger Anxiety

Babies feel very unsecured when their mother is not around them and when some strangers try to reach them. If you are a working mother try to stay with your baby as much as possible, sleep with them, have your food with them, and try to spend more time to make them feel comfortable. Arrange for a care taker at least one or two months before you join your job and ask them to approach your baby in your presence. Make your baby to trust the care giver and move with them close. This will help for your baby’s social communication and come out of separation anxiety and stranger anxiety.

Monitor your baby’s growth and health, try spending more time with them and enjoying the priceless moments of your life.

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