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The Complete Beginners Guide to Soothing Babies

Soothing Babies
Written by Aisha Sathik
Being a new mother you may experiencing many new things from your newborn and many advices from your friends, relatives and elders. You can follow some of their advice which may work for them but you should know the practically successful advice and tips from doctors and experts. Here we will have a discussion with soothing your baby and the useful soothing gears, soothing newborn is a tough task for every mother, soothing techniques works for babies and every baby reacts for different soothing techniques. Rhythmic and calming sensation makes baby calm and comfortable.

Soothing a baby is quite difficult since we can’t identify the reason immediately after the baby cries; baby may cry for food, colic, bug bite, insect bite, mosquito bite and diaper change. Try to respond quickly to your baby, check the diaper to change it or not, check whether your baby is hungry, sing a lullaby, go for a ride with your baby, hold the baby close to you, check for your baby’s temperature or any other illness and if the baby continues crying for a long time without any of the above reason, go to the nearest doctor immediately.

When your cries due to gas lay down your baby on your legs and rub the back for few minutes, you can also apply asafoetida as a thin paste by mixing with water for better relief. If its colic, get a colic syrup from your doctor and give it to your baby and if you are feeding your baby try to avoid irritating foods like dairy, onions and caffeine. Usually this happens between 45days to 90days after birth with 1/5th of babies.

Soothing Techniques

Here we can have detail discussion about a few successful soothing techniques that helped many parents in soothing their loved ones. Our elders tried a few techniques to soothe baby and nowadays we have a lot of options with different type of baby gears like Bouncers, Rockers, Swings and many more to soothe our baby. Babies need special care and they are still in need of the environment of the womb. It takes a while for them to understand and explore the things around them. Making baby happy is so tough and may be achieved by creating the noise and movements in the womb. Over feeding may also worry your baby and make them cry, so don’t overfeed your baby and feed them with regular gap.


Comfortably wrap your baby to have a feeling similar to the womb and make them feel safe and secure. Swaddling helps to prevent unwanted movements in baby’s body with their arms and make them comfortable for a peaceful sleep. Swaddle your baby in the early months for most of the day and night and in the later months swaddle only when they cry without reason.

In winter swaddle your baby with blankets and in hot summer use receiving blanket or wrapping cloth for better comfort. Don’t swaddle your baby tight it may lead to hip dysplasia, check whether there is enough space for your baby to move the legs. Place your baby on a change table to swaddle comfortably and easily without any disturbance. We can’t assure that swaddling will be helpful for all the babies, so we can try other techniques to calm your crying baby.

Music and Sounds

Baby Gym
In womb babies would be hearing noise like swishing by mother’s blood flow and they don’t need a calm environment for better sleep. Babies may calm down after hearing some rhythmic music and soft music like lullabies helps them to stimulate sleep. White noise is similar to the noise made in mother’s womb and that may help to get better and peaceful sleep. Musical mobiles come with white noise and that could be fixed with crib or bouncers for soothing your baby. Musical mobiles and Digital soothers are the best option for working parents to soothe their baby when baby is with the baby sitter or caretaker. Digital soother displays or projects stories or animal sounds to soothe baby and provides many options with melodies or lullabies.


Babies are swung and rolled in the womb by re-creating the same we can help babies feel happy. A swing could provide the same feeling of the womb and relaxed; you can do that by carrying with hands, keep your feet apart and wave them front and back or choose a swing with different positions and comfortable seat. Swings also provided with different musical sounds and white noise for soothing your baby with volume control and auto-shut-off options. You can also use a rocker to soothe your baby and make sure your new-born’s head is with complete support and placed properly over the headrest.

Side or Stomach Soothing

Holding baby by their tummy down position with your arms may help them to fall asleep and they feel so comfortable with you. After the baby fall asleep put in normal position to sleep without any disturbance. Holding your baby with a sling may also help to give similar feeling to your baby and keeping near your heart will help to soothe them with the rhythmic sound of your heart.

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