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Newborn Care – Resources You Will Ever Need

Newborn Care – Resources You Will Ever Need
Written by Aisha Sathik
Newborn… we are glad to welcome the new born, new born brings happiness into life; our ten months expectations have come true. All of us are excited to know about the new born.

We are curious to know how the baby looks like, whom it resembles mom or dad?
The famous Tamil poet “Thiruvalluvar” said

The touch of children gives pleasure to the body, and the hearing of their words, pleasure to the ear
Hope you would accept “Thiruvalluvar” thought about children. Babies are the happiest part of our life and now we are ready to have the pleasure with them.

Newborn care includes many questions and doubts; you may need a guide to help you in handling newborn. They are very sensitive and tiny which causes the discomforts in handling them. Here is a simple guide to know and clarify your doubts with the basic things about your newborn.

Things to know about your newborn

Baby’s head
Your baby’s head may be out of shape, looks irregular due to various struggles they involve during pregnancy and the process in the delivery makes it look like that, but don’t worry about it, the shape will be changed soon after few months, and some baby may have round shape right from the birth. Your baby’s skull will be so flexible, soft and not into a perfect shape and the sutures are not yet completed, some of the veins may be visible to you, need not worry about it, it’s quite normal in the newborn.

Crying Baby
Newborn are always crying for everything because that is the only way of communication for them, nothing to worry about your crying newborn. Baby’s nervous system is so immature and they scare easily and that is a common reason in babies to cry a lot.

Soothing and Swaddling Baby
Babies yearn for continuous holding and soothing, your baby needs the environment as he was in your womb and so they fold themselves in that position, you could re-create it by swaddling them, you will intimated by this in the hospital and you would have taught about swaddling by the nurses or physicians from the hospital. Swaddling techniques are so useful in soothing your baby and holding her may soothe her for long time.

Baby’s Chest with a Hollow and Swollen Breast
Newborns may have a hollow in their chest don’t worry about it; it may be because of the backward angling of the bone in their chest. These bones will be pulled normal by the chest muscles and their stomach muscles. Baby’s breast bone is composed of three parts and usually the bottom part is involved with this.

Baby’s breast may see swollen in both boys and girls, it’s not an issue to worry, there is no harm in that. It may be due to the high levels of estrogen and in some girl babies it may be resulted as a bleeding in her diaper, don’t worry about it.

Acnes and Rashes in newborn
Newborn’s skin is so soft, smooth and soon it get dried, so apply a lotion to them which are fragrance free, some babies may have acnes from 2 weeks to 2 months after birth, it’s normal in newborn and don’t worry about it and it’s caused due to the maternal hormones still within them. Babies’ skin is easily infected, they may get rashes due to various things and also diaper may be a cause to get rashes in their diaper area and between legs.

Sneezing in newborn
Sneezing is common in newborn since babies have very small congestion, need not worry about it unless you see thick and yellow mucus. In that condition take your baby to the paediatrician and avoid taking your baby in the heavily crowded area, babies have less immune power compared to adults, so keep away your loved ones from sick people.

Baby’s Dirt
Babies meconium may be black or brown in the early days, later on it will change into green colour and it’ll smooth, don’t expect it to be solid, babies fed with formula feeding may be little solid. After a month or later it will turn into mustard yellow. Your baby should urinate for at least 10 times a day and wet 8 to 10 diapers per day. If you see blood or colourless poop take your baby immediately to the paediatrician.

Bathing your newborn
All of us may be nervous when we are doing something for the first time, bathing a newborn seems to be more nervous after seeing those tiny parts of your newborn but relax yourselves, don’t worry and start slowly to take to bath. Keep all the supplies within reach and start bathing your baby, start with a sponge bath and later on go for a submerged bath.

Baby’s Food
Babies can be feed for every 1hr – 3hr, they sleep for about 16hr – 20hr, no matter whether they are awake or not just feed them in a regular gap, you can check for your baby’s intake by checking their poop and pee, they should poop for 3 – 5 times daily and should pee for 10 times a day. Your baby should gain weight, usually babies lose weight after birth and regain it in next 10 days, don’t worry if your baby looks tiny in the third or fourth day, keep on feed them at regular interval, and your intake should be highly nutritious and balanced diet with protein rich food.

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