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Written by Aisha Sathik

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Taking Care of mommy is as important as caring the new born. After having a baby, women need rest for her body and mind. Take nutritious food to get energy for yourselves and to feed your younger one. You will be tiered after delivery, guests will be frequently coming home to see you and baby, you may not find time to take care of yourself, but try to find time and take proper food to get enough energy, take rest and adequate sleep is necessary for your health.

Physical and emotional changes after giving birth

Women go through many hormonal changes before and after delivery, your breast may feel full, uncomfortable, leakage of milk from nipples. Some woman may have constipation, a cramping pain due to shrinking of uterus to its original size and a vaginal discharge, your gynaecologist will suggest you to take care about this issue. Changes in weight, sleep problems, tiredness are common after pregnancy. Consult your doctor if you have any prolonged symptoms, it may be a thyroid in the first year after birth, which need some action to be taken immediately. You may feel nipple pain, if it’s cracked due to breastfeeding, apply nipple cream. Some women may have urinary problems, drink a lot of water and try to take warm bath. Stretch may be there on your stomach and use breast creams in regular basis to reduce those marks.

During pregnancy you would have gained a lot of weight, now it’s time to shed those extra kilos and get back into a healthy shape. Consult your doctor and go for the workouts, if it’s a normal delivery and you are with no health issues you can go for regular workouts but start slowly and increase it. If it’s a caesarean there will be lot of blood loss and you may feel more tired, you must consult your gynaecologist, ask when to start and what to start with?

Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression

Baby blues is the initial stage of postpartum depression, a stress commonly seen in some women after giving birth. Symptoms to baby blues are feeling more irritable, crying for no reason, anxiety, confused and sad. If the symptoms persist for a long time, kindly consult your doctor, take rest and go for a relaxation walk.

Continuation of baby blues for more than a month leads to postpartum depression; it’s seen in almost 15% of women after a few days or even after a year from delivery.

In postpartum depression you may feel sad, tired, hopeless, guilty, not interested in eating and sleeping, stay away from loved ones including your baby, sometimes you may have a thought of hurting your baby and even hurting you. You are in need of medication, consult your doctor immediately to recover and stay healthy.

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