How to Prepare your mind for pregnancy? Find out

Preparing your mind for pregnancy
Written by Aisha Sathik

Prepare your mind for pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, a joyful moment in an every woman’s life whether it is first pregnancy or second. Both mind and body should have a positive approach for a happy pregnancy. Most of the women may fear about pregnancy and that may lead to stress. Discuss with your doctor if you have any fear about pregnancy and labour. Try mind & body practices like yoga, meditation, relaxation therapies to relax yourselves and it helps to regulate your heart rate, blood pressure to relieve from stress and rejuvenate yourselves.

Stress is common in our day-to-day life, but we can overcome it by hearing music, diverting ourselves, involving in some activities like reading positive attitude books. In pregnancy our body involves in lots of hormonal changes and mood changes, pregnancy discomforts are also a known reason for stress in some women. Heavy stress ends with low birth weight, defect in neurobehavioral development and premature baby.

Taking healthy food, adequate sleep, enough rest to mind, regular exercise may help to reduce stress and pregnancy discomforts. Try to learn some massage for stress relief, most of the massage therapist and some physiotherapist in hospitals will suggest massage to get a better relaxation. If you are a working woman just go for a maternity leave, discuss with your manager about the problems you are facing and the pregnancy discomforts, which may help you to avoid stress in your work place.

Stress and Depression symptoms, Effects

Stress usually weakens our body cells and leads to tiredness, affects the immune system and continues to sickness and in pregnant women it will affects the baby’s neurology system. Chronic stress develops into depression and that collapses our biological system and it’s more complex than stress. Effects due to depression in our body are prolonged and affect our brain for a long period; depression is the next level to anxiety. Symptoms of anxiety are difficulty concentration, restlessness, muscle tension.

Depression symptoms are less sleep, anxiety, difficulty in concentration, low self-esteem, we can overcome depression after a period of time but the symptoms can be recurring and proper treatment should be taken to overcome it.

How to overcome stress and depression

To overcome depressions take adequate rest, proper sleep, balanced diet, regular exercise and yoga/ meditation, and the most important is to have a positive attitude. Always stay positive to stay away from stress and depression and have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Try to grab some positive attitude books to be more positive and develop a healthy positive mental attitude. Try to attend positive attitude classes or programs and discuss with your partner about the importance of staying positive and take their help to prepare yourself for a happy and healthy mind.

Stay Positive and Stay Healthy will lead to Happy Pregnancy

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