How to Prepare your body for pregnancy? Find out

How to Prepare your body for pregnancy
Written by Aisha Sathik

Prepare your body for pregnancy is very vital for every men and women. I’m sure all of us want to be fit, especially before pregnancy and it’s a wonderful experience in every woman’s life. We could get a chance of having a healthy pregnancy by regular exercise and proper diet. Preparing for pregnancy is all about preparing your body and mind. Let’s start to prepare the body.

Stay Fit

Men and women should concentrate on our weight; both over weight and underweight may be one of the reasons to infertility. Before doing anything consult a doctor and try to achieve your goal with diet and exercise. In overweight try some low fat diet and start walking on daily basis and continue with the guidance of a trainer, if you interested to play in water then try swimming to shed your weight, you can also try aerobics, yoga, Thai chi, hill climbing and cycling. Underweight woman should consult a doctor to improve weight through nutritious diet and supplements. Don’t do any harsh exercise or crash diet to reduce weight. As per statistics in pregnancy, women are supposed to gain weight as per the following table.

Category Gain in weight(kgs)
Overweight 7–11
Normal 11-13
Underweight 12-18

Balanced and Nutritious Diet

As we know fertility is related to food and both are linked to each other, things we eat may affect the fertility in men and women. A balanced and nutritious diet helps us increase the chance of smooth and healthy pregnancy. Women must take a lot of Protein, vitamins, iron, calcium and folic acid. Always try to have natural source of vitamins rather than taking tablets, at least try to consume food supplements. Men can take vitamins with zinc foliates. Water is most important not only in pregnancy but in general it plays a vital role, helps to wash out the toxicity in our body, take at least 3 to 4 litres of water daily. Try to avoid beverages with caffeine like coffee, tea and other such instant juices, food with preservatives, ready to eat products, even soft drinks and food with excess trans-fat.

Get rid of Alcohol

Alcohol and smoking may cause permanent damage to the fertility, affects the ovaries and reduces the chance of pregnancy also affect the baby’s physical health and also may affect mental growth of baby. Avoid taking alcohols, smoking; also try to stay away from smoking people because even cigarette smoke is dangerous both mother and baby and help your partner to quit alcohol and smoking by taking them tocounselling, talk with them about their health and baby’s health.

Pre-existing health issues

Kindly go for a health check-up and analyse your health, is it ready for pregnancy or with any pre-existing issues like blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, asthma and many. Any of these issues may affect pregnancy, consult a doctor and get prepared for its effects. Try to manage it with some natural sources, check for food to solve these issues and enjoy a happy pregnancy.

Genetic Disorders

Most of us inherit many things from our ancestors, it may be the height, skin colour, hair colour and many more unfortunately we also inherit some health issues like diabetes, hyper tension, cystic fibrosis, haemophilia( heavy and continuous blood loss in injuries). To identify the genetic disorders doctors will generally have a set of questions to both men and women and their blood relations. Your doctor will suggest you regarding the genetic issues you may have and take the precocious measures to overcome the genetic disorders from affecting your pregnancy.

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