Hospital Preparation for Childbirth

Hospital Preparation Guide for Childbirth
Written by Aisha Sathik

Preparing a hospital bag for delivery is the first step of preparation in your delivery. You should be ready with the following list of items before you start to the hospital. My advice is to keep it ready in the 7th month of your pregnancy to avoid missing any of the following essential items.

Nowadays most of the hospitals provide this list before 2 – 3 months of the due date to prepare yourself for delivery. You may expect your baby any time after 7 months so be ready with these items by 7th month and make sure you have enough number of these products when you are in hospital for a few days and you don’t want to expect anyone to get it for you.

1. Nursing bra
2 to 4, when you are in the hospital you are supposed to feed your baby within the few hours after delivery and a nursing bra is the most essential to feed baby without any discomfort, go for a bra next to your current bra size. You may need 6 – 8 bras during the feeding period (1st 6 months of your baby after delivery).

2. Nursing pads and cream
Nursing pads are used to absorb to the excess milk that exceeds after feeding your baby, go for 2 – 4 pack of nursing pads and Nursing cream is used to prevent your breast becoming sore during feeding your baby. Consult your doctor before you get a breast cream to avoid any discomfort.

3. Nursing tops and nighties
3 or 4, Nursing tops and nighties are required during your stay at hospital after your delivery as you have to breast feed your baby without any discomfort. You may be feeding your baby for atleast 12 – 14 times a day and nursing top or nightie is the most comfortable during feeding your baby.

4. Clothes
You may need a set of clothes during your discharge day in the travel from hospital to your home.

5. Bath towel & Face Towel
Your doctor or nurse will suggest you to take a bath on the day of delivery after your baby’s birth and you may also stay in the hospital for a few days and you require atleast 2 bath towels and face towel.

6. Inner wear
You will be bleeding after delivery and you may be changing your pads frequently even then your innerwear may be soiled and in such situations you will be in need of extra innerwear, take 6 – 8 innerwear with you in your hospital bag.

7. Toiletries
Take the basic toiletry items you are going to use in hospital.

8. Nappies
You may need 8 – 10 cloth nappies and a few dozens of disposable nappies in the hospital.

9. Breastfeeding pillow
Breast feeding pillow helps you to feed better in the correct position and gives a better support during feeding your baby.

10. Baby towel
4 – 6 Baby towels are required in the hospital stay, to pat dry your baby after giving bath.

11. Napkins
A dozen of napkin is required after delivery.

12. Changing pads
1 or 2 changing pads are required to change your baby’s diapers

13. Newborn wear
You may need 12- 14 newborn wear in the hospital, your baby may make it dirt frequently and you will be changing it for atleast 2 or 3 times daily.

14. Baby blankets
3 or 4 baby blankets are necessary in the hospital to wrap and keep your baby warm as your baby was in your womb.

15. Wrapping towels
5 or 6 wrapping towels are required in the hospital stay to wrap and swaddle your baby.

16. New born wipes
A few dozens of baby wipes are required to wipe your baby and to give a wipe bath.

17. Baby socks and mitts
Baby should kept warm since they will get cold easily baby should always wear socks and mitts.

18. Changing bag
A changing bag is an easiest way to carry all your baby needs with separate compartments to hold all the essential items.

19. Bottles
2 – 4 bottles are necessary if you are breast feeding your baby, if you feed formula to your baby you need a starter kit to feed your newborn. And you may also need a bottle sterilizer to sterilize the bottles.

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