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Doing Bathing Babies the Right Way

Bathing Babies
Written by Aisha Sathik
Bathing baby is a new experience to every mother, touching and cleaning the soft and small body parts of our cute little ones makes us happy and excited. With all the excitement we should also be careful in handling our baby, they can’t stay still and their head is not ready to hold firm without any support, they can’t sit on their own, all they know is just to believe you and trust you, that you will treat them with care and love.

Here lets discuss the bathing basic like how to hold your baby, how to wash or cleanse their sensitive parts, what should be used to bath them and the supportive gears.

Bathing Basics

Babies don’t need a bath on daily basis, bathing daily could dry their skin and tends to lose the moisture. You bath your baby twice or thrice a week and could wipe on daily basis to clean their baby bottoms during the diaper change. Newborn can be wiped or given a sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off and need not be immersed in a tub of water for a sponge bath. Keep your supplies, soap, shampoos, towels, clothes, diapers within reach near the change table.

Newborn is always slippery so just learn the basics of holding your baby during bathing them; try to get a support of elders or your husband in the first few days to get practiced of bathing your newborn. Start with cleaning the face, neck and the other part and end with cleaning the diaper area. While cleaning the face and neck don’t pour water to rinse, apply soap or gel or body shampoo to cleanse and wipe it with wash cloth or wet hands to remove the soap.

To give bath choose a warm place, kitchen sink or a small tub is enough to give bath to your newborn. A change table is the best to give sponge bath, prepare for the sponge bath with all the bath needs and then take your baby to bath. Place a warm and soft blanket on the change table and place your baby over the blanket. Always hold baby firmly with one hand and wash with the other hand or take others help to take the needs.

Use only warm water for bathing, never use hot or cold water for bathing, check the temperature of water with your elbow or try to get a bath tub thermometer before bathing. Use only mild soap and shampoo or try to get a chemical free organic based soap and shampoo without dye and perfume. Use wash cloth or wipes to wipe your baby’s tender skin and wrap your baby immediately with a towel preferably hood towel to pat dry the baby.

Using Bath Tub

Before taking your baby to bath get ready with your supplies, soap, shampoos, towels, clothes, diapers and bath tub. Fill the tub with warm water up to 3 inches, support head with one hand, pour warm water gently over baby and rinse the face with plain water, use soap and shampoo carefully as not to get into baby’s eyes. Rinse with the warm water after using soap. Wrap your baby in a towel and pat him dry. Do not soak the baby in water. Use only warm water; don’t use hot or cold water. Use mild soaps and shampoos preferably tear free shampoo to avoid irritation in baby’s eyes.

Place your baby on your arm with complete support to his back and use another hand to wash and wipe. To clean his back lean your baby forward on your arm and then wash or rinse with warm water. If you use more water since your baby enjoy more with water, you should be more alert and hold firmly to avoid slipping in the tub. Babies will be more slippery with soap and shampoo, you should be more cautious in handling baby.

Babies may pee in the bath tub, don’t worry it’s not harmful and you can continue bathing, if you feel more of hygienic bath change the water and continue bathing your baby. If your baby pooped in the tub wash the tub and change it with fresh water and continue bathing.

Baby Hair Wash

Babies may have cradle cap(patches of scalp in the back head), wash weekly twice your baby’s hair with specialized shampoo for cradle cap and rinse well with wash cloth or wipe, if necessary wash with water but don’t pour water continuously over baby’s head. Massage with shampoo over the scalp patches and remove it with soft bristles brush specially designed for babies.

Useful Baby Bath Time Gears

Bath Tub
Tub with internal slings helps to prevent from sliding into the water, select small bath tub for safety. Empty the water from the bath tub immediately after bath to avoid unnecessary issues. Always use an anti-skid mat near the bath tub. Toilet seat and bath room door should be kept closed for baby’s safety.

Bath Tub Thermometer
Check the temperature before you let your baby in the tub by using the bath tub thermometer and also set the heater to a temperature of 48 Centigrade. You can also use your elbow to check the temperature as it is tolerable.

Bath Sling
A Bath Sling is the perfect to give bath to your newborn and it also comes with safety measures with anti-skid. Choose a small or medium bath sling for your newborn.

Bath Tub Toys and Books
You make your bath time more enjoyable by providing the toys and books to them. These toys and books attract their concentration and give them happy bath time. Nowadays lots of bath tub toys are available in different shapes and animation figures like fish, ducks and many more and you can choose as per your baby’s interest.

Bouncer Seat
A bouncer seat could be used to wipe or pat dry your baby by placing them in it. It comes with safety measures and holds baby firmly and comfortably.

Storage Bag
A Storage could be used to store all the baby needs at the nearest anywhere in the bathroom. Storage bags are available in different sizes, shapes and models.

New born will give you different experiences; every day will be a new day with your new born. Every mother will enjoy all those beautiful moments with your beloved baby and there’s a lot more to enjoy, have a happy life with your cute little baby.

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